It’s Enough to be a Good Person


So often we get caught up in the expectations and demands of others, regardless of their reasonableness. Remember, when you are doing your best for others then you are doing enough. There are those who will never be satisfied, no matter how much you give.

Take care of yourself, for if you fall victim to the energy vampires you will not be available for those who truly need assistance.

Promptly Chronicled by Christine Graves

Book Reviews

Not a novel, but rather a useful tool for everyone who uses writing prompts to help stimulate ideas.

Ten categories, each containing thirty prompts. The categories are relevant and the prompts open, yet thought provoking enough to generate memorable content. I have found them useful when I feel stumped, or just as a quick exercise in writing flash fiction or short stories.
Great ideas that will help stimulate you, just as prompts are supposed to do.

I am a gallery — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

I am a gallery, long floored and wide brimmed      no footsteps from tourists have padded these halls,       signs suggesting an escape from my reality are nonexistent.these white-washed walls stand at attentionfor my eyes only; examining the lives I livedmany moons before.                   The doors […]

I am a gallery — finding serendiipitii