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Dinlas continues to pursue the thief who stole Hades’ gem and now finds himself deep in the Multi-Verse in an alternate dimension consisting of only a large meadow surrounded by dense forest. From there he discovers a world of different from anything he considered existing, even as an immortal deity. Follow along as he begins to realize there are far stranger places in existence than the Underworld.

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Mastering the Multi-Verse

Friends of Dinlas

Another installment of the Multiverse as Lillith tries to figure out what is happening in her little corner of the After-Life. Follow her whole story at Graves Publications Mulitverse but in the meantime check out the latest from the link below.
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Promptly Chronicled by Christine Graves

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Not a novel, but rather a useful tool for everyone who uses writing prompts to help stimulate ideas.

Ten categories, each containing thirty prompts. The categories are relevant and the prompts open, yet thought provoking enough to generate memorable content. I have found them useful when I feel stumped, or just as a quick exercise in writing flash fiction or short stories.
Great ideas that will help stimulate you, just as prompts are supposed to do.

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I continue to be trapped in this unfamiliar place, the Multi-Verse. As I try to understand what is happening I start to realize that things here are even more bizarre than I first realized. Nevertheless, I continue my search for the thief that stole Uncle Hades’ priceless gem.

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Death on a Different Level

Friends of Dinlas

In the Multi-Verse, Lillith tries to make sense of who Dinlas is and how he came to be sitting in her bar; a living god in a room of dead mortal souls. Read along below as she reaches out for the one person in her travels who she thinks can help her unravel this mystery.

Ancient Greek Mythology meets an alternate after-life

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