The Unseen
a deity of force
who mortals fear
and offer remorse
a priest spoke his word
Felt his call
Walked his hall

a coven of envy
who demand worship
from the mortal frenzy
they control the Unseen
made their rules
stoked the fuel

So it went
Unseen gave Trinity
wealth and riches
The priest they did torment
threw him to the jackals

recognize faithful
while remembering
the brazenly hateful
Unseen withdrew blessings
cursed their name
squelched their fame

Now they weep
for the return of glory
A deified muse
to tap for a story
he remains elusive
out of sight
fueling blight

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Ghost River by Chad Ryan

Book Reviews

I struggled in the beginning with keeping characters straight, there were a lot introduced at once and the names were not traditional at all. It sorted itself out, and beyond that, what a fantastic debut! This is not my go to genre, but I found myself sucked in and compelled to find out what fresh horror waited on the next page.

I recommend wholeheartedly. I don’t default to 5-Star Reviews, but in this case, for such a great debut, it is well deserving. Great job Chad, you’re gonna be the guy that pulls me into reading horror on a regular basis and I can’t wait for your next.