soul infinite


I love this – thank you for putting the thought into word, Serendiipitii

the baleful primal

  etch tenderly
          remember fondly
      create ecstatically
                    live eternally

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the war on hard facts and liquid emotions


the baleful primal

shovel grief over top my eyes
waterboarding my heart so it feels nothing
grasp the straws of courage and try to understand
the circle of life is real
it is science
and my heart never remembers those solid facts

a higher power, I wish I could observe from
perhaps the second tier down
I just don’t want to wait in angst
for an end that is not mine
and though we all have a story to tell
what happens when we lose our bookmarkers?

science is real
and the facts will never change
the earth still turns
but so does my heart.

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the shield

Friends of Dinlas

the baleful primal

I do not fit the box we are given when we are growing up
it has been beaten from the inside far too much
the crumbling cardboard box doesn’t emulate the woman
that has evolved from my skin.

and there’s something in the way my hand rests on your arm
that makes you more aware of the white noise in your ears
and I have never been one to sit on the sidelines
heroes must rise to the top with their own two feet,

you shook yourself off, the dust settled around your boots
and you gave back that number you were holding
started your own answers
began your own line

       I can’t feel anything from the vibrations
                but I don’t need anything but the honor and the glory
            we bleed promise, we…

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xxvii. just a young gun — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

okay, perhaps the wind was a little too strong        but it wouldn’t matter in the end               as long as she didn’t get too lost             galoshes up to her knees              covered in nature […]

xxvii. just a young gun — finding serendiipitii

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

xxii. souls sold in silence — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

it was costly to be what she was         a toll for a soul, a coin for a nap       while the raven’s eye watched soulfully            like odin’s, but kinder                        at least to her – […]

xxii. souls sold in silence — finding serendiipitii

Image by Aline Dassel from Pixabay

viii. but are they real? — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

she counted the stars from the belfry,        her book lay forgotten beside her –              what good was fantasy                        when the most beautiful reality               lay before her […]

viii. but are they real? — finding serendiipitii

Image by Littlerich from Pixabay

the shape of your hands — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

gripped around warmth and song, caressing sharp teethand kissing bloodied lips. no screaming, just silence set against the crashing waves on an unexplored shoreline, breaking and sliding back with contentment. reminders embodied in stainless steel and gemwork tossing and turning on the thought of filling your hands and emptying herself. a grasp that never slips, […]

the shape of your hands — finding serendiipitii

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The Meat of the Matter: Creating Characters.

Friends of Dinlas, Uncategorized

the baleful primal

Creating characters is my absolute favourite part of the writing process. I thrive on the sheer number of paths you can take to create justonecharacter with their personalities, traits, quirks, wants and needs, back stories – the list is endless! But dreaming up one isn’t just about hair length, eye colours, if they are left handed or right handed. They need to be more than their physicalpresence, and I know not everyone may think that an infinite number of ideas is as much fun, so let’s take a look at a couple things that can be considered when you’re creating a character.

What is the most important thing about this character that you want people to notice?
A character both carries and is carried by everything that happens within your story. That means all eyes will be trained on them, and people are going to analyze what role…

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I am a gallery — finding serendiipitii

Friends of Dinlas

I am a gallery, long floored and wide brimmed      no footsteps from tourists have padded these halls,       signs suggesting an escape from my reality are nonexistent.these white-washed walls stand at attentionfor my eyes only; examining the lives I lived many moons before.                   The doors […]

I am a gallery — finding serendiipitii