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I started this blog in late 2019 , but did little with it; so it languished in loneliness and neglect for a year. In mid-November 2020 I found myself with some much appreciated free time on my hands and worked to revitalize it with thoughts, old stories, my attempts at poetry, and some shared scribblings from other good friends with blogs.

May 25th, just over 6 months from my “re-launch” and I have reached 100 followers. I have no idea if that is an impressive number of followers in 6 months or not, it’s not really my goal here. Three digits just seemed like a good time to tell everyone who follows, comments, likes, or in any way just checks out my little ramblings – Thank You.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy writing, and like any writer, I enjoy being read. I think anyone who writes can honestly admit that they hope what they put down on ‘paper’ in some way touches or resonates with readers. Why else would we punish ourselves like this? (it’s a joke, I kid, well, sort of). Hopefully something here clicked with you.

If it didn’t?

Well, I will keep trying. I hope you’ll stick with me as well as I try new things and scratch down new combinations of words and letters that will hopefully resonate for you.

Thank you so much, and as always,

Blessed be you and your muse,
Wayne Davids aka Dinlas God of Hate & Jealousy.

Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. A milestone indeed — and in that short timespan. Wow. I wasn’t that lucky I learned to talk into the abyss. But now I’m being read and man— does it feel good.
    Keep going. You’re doing amazing. xo

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