Penelope and The Moon, Pt I

Friends of Dinlas

If you aren’t following the story of Nyx here, you should be.

The Night's Tales; tales from the Beginning

Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop & Daycare’s grand opening was an exciting blur. The first full day of being open twenty-four hours was far busier than I thought it would be, to be completely honest. During the day, students and the elderly spent their time chatting, studying, working on school projects, or just passing the time. Nerina and Myron, my barista and till operators made fast friends with the locals, while Amar blew past my expectations of his baking. Luna shared with me the reviews that were pouring in on Google and Yelp, and mentioned putting our name into TripAdvisor to gain traction in the international community. Her reasoning?

Who wouldn’t want to have coffee sourced by a Primordial?

I do love her.

While the coffeeshop thrived, the daycare side was equally as bombarded. Word had spread from the initial group of parents that had come to the grand opening…

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